We have helped thousands of couples through their most important day of their lives.
Choosing the right diamond/ring isn’t easy, but we are here to help.

Some testimonials from customers we have helped throughout the years.


“I normally don’t do reviews, but I had such a wonderful experience I had to let people know about Tam & Wong Jewelry.  This is a great place to go if you don’t know very much about diamonds. Anita and Raymond were awesome to work with. They were very friendly, and patient while working with me as I tried to pick the perfect stone for my future fiancee.  They had a large selection of high end stones to pick from, more so then any of the other stores I’ve been to.  They made me feel very comfortable by explaining to me the differences of the stones and prices.  They also explained to me some of the precautions that I should watch out for as I shopped for a stone. They gave me tips for when I bring the ring in for cleaning, or service.

Needless to say, I purchased my stone at Tam & Wong Jewelry.  The stone I picked is beautiful, and my fiancee loves her ring. “
– G. L.

“Just returned from the jewelry mart in downtown L.A. I was looking for GIA certified diamonds and had done some research to where I could ask meaningful questions. Another jeweler did not carry certified diamonds, but recommended Tam & Wong to me. Anita Tam treated me very kindly, complemented me on doing my research, and answered questions with good explanations. I had also checked other stores (or you might call them kiosks) to price compare. I felt fairly treated with honesty and would highly recommend them.”
– Patrick M.

“Two of the nicest and honest folks you will ever meet. Their appraisal was within $250 of an independent appraisal who didn’t have any details. We couldn’t be more pleased. Our ring appraised for over $35k which is over double the cost. What a value. I tell everyone to go here.”
– Rich W.

“Very impressive inventory.  They loan stones to all the jewelers in the building.  They are very kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  I’m a detail oriented shopper and knew exactly what I wanted.  They got me a flawless stone for about 12% less than a flawed one.  Very impressive.”
– Steven Z.

“Great quality. Great personalized service. Great timing. Trustworthy. Searching for a diamond and setting was a long process for me. I went into 60-80 different stores in all types: malls, mom-and-pops, specialized jewelry stores and several jewelry marts. I shopped in Los Angeles, NYC and London. After months of searching, I made my purchases at Tam & Wong.”
– Dexter W.

“Thank you for making our next step in life as great as we could ever ask for! Your amazing service and price is greatly appreciated!”
– Stan & Nancy P.

“They have the best selection of loose diamonds anywhere. My fiancé bought a Christmas present for me a couple of years ago at Tam & Wong Jewelry and when it was time to look for engagement rings/ diamonds, he didn’t want to go anywhere else. Needless to say my engagement ring he chose is perfect and beautiful and was a steal. We’re sending all our friends from all over”
– Nasem M.

“I never expected to get so much information that opened up my eyes to diamond shopping! I am deeply grateful for the information you gave me before I made my purchase. I know I am a picky person, but you were able to accommodate my needs!”
– Margaret S.

“Cheers from across the world. Haven’t met you guys in person, but your help made my wedding even better than I could of thought. Great prices!”
– Devon T.

“If you find yourself in the diamond district of LA, save yourself time and go straight here.  I walked through the diamond district for an entire day and ended up with a ton of business cards-none of which could even come close to beating the price or experience I had at Tam & Wong Jewelry.”
– Walter L.

“I am new to the engagement ring shopping. I went to a couple places inside the mall and found a ring I really liked within my budget. THANK GOD I CAME HERE! I pretty much was able to get a whole 2 shades better as well as a clearer stone for THE SAME MONEY! I didn’t realize there was such a markup on the retail end. If you are new to diamonds and certified stones, you must come here and see what they have to offer. Never did I realize there was so much to be learned from buying a diamond. I always thought it was just about the color and size. Do yourself a favor and don’t just settle for the mall stores.”
-Roman M.