We have helped THOUSANDS of couples make a great decision on engagement/wedding rings for the most important day of their lives. Shopping for a diamond could be very stressful, most people are not properly informed on how to shop. The risk of overpaying is high, we are here to teach you and help you make the best choice.

We started serving the Jewelry District on Hill Street in 1979.

It was a different time when we first started. People would come to the Jewelry District to get a deal on gold chains and pearl necklaces. As time progressed, so did the market. We always kept up with the times catering to what the public wanted and needed.

We have always been on Hill Street. We started and still are on the same exact block for over 30 years!

When the most luxurious building opened, we were eager to be a part of it. The Jeweler’s Mall gave premium jewelers a private suite. No more swap meet style dealings in a big hall. We are in the business of fine jewelry, not T-Shirts.

Our Suite is right in the middle of the building and we have a private parking garage on top of our building.

We specialize in everything from custom settings to pearl necklaces. We are also a direct diamond importer. This is something that is rare in downtown. Most people buy/resale stones that they may or may not have. Even retail outfits in the Mall are 3rd party diamond sellers.

WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTERS. We bring in diamonds before it hits the market. We import the best cuts and most ideal stones. We get first pick since we work with the factories of GIA/EGL. After we pass on the stone, retailers and other dealers will get purchase the stones.

This is why if you are looking for best price and best selection, we are your best choice.

We work hard to import the best cuts and most ideal sizes/color so we will have the exact stone you are looking for.

See you soon!